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This is adorable! <3

Great game, mate! I spent 58 minutes  and collected all moths. Good luck in developing new games!

So I spent about an hour playing this and personally my biggest concern at times is the jumping and usually collision. I was able to collect at least 60 out of 65 of the moths before reaching the end by accident. 

One of the things I will say that could really help out when is being able to tell when you've received all the moths in an area for completion purposes. I for one was more so fighting with the jumping in order to try and collect them all, but felt there were areas that hid some.

In my opinion there is a lot of potential in store for this game in particular if it's ever fully fleshed out. That being said, if it does get to that part I do look forward to gameplay being developed a little more. Some examples being the ability to control both characters at a similar time as to not have to go back and forth, a method of knowing how many moths are in an area similar to the counter going from 30 to 65 all of a sudden, and potentially a fix towards the jumping.

I felt having played this game for almost an hour now it was worth giving my personal opinion. Good job nevertheless.

oops Callie got stuck, i made her fly as far as possible and then drop down and now shes stuck under ground XD

maybe a sequel could be nice

i like how ruka gets floatier when inflated

aww yeah

That flirt feature is really cool, it's a pleasure to see both talking during the game ! They're adorable, everything's adorable !

i'm stuck >.>
but absolute good game anyway i love it

i absolutely love this game and the characters and would love to see more of this and them!


I ran off the edge of the world!! At the first place where you can become macro, if you ride the girl all the way up, and the enby is inflated, they can jump to the right and land on top of the world and eventually run behind a black wall and get stuck!

Also THIS GAME IS SUPER CUTE.<3 Thank you for making it!

Is there anything special for getting all 65? I only had 60 by the end…

Hahah, oh no! I didn't expect anyone to be able to get up there. Easter egg, I guess?

Aaaa, gosh! I'm glad you like it! <3

Also nope, I haven't implemented a 100% completion reward yet. 


I appreciate these wholesome little kinky kobolds and their care for safe practices.


This was super cute! I loved the puzzles that were involved in switching between the characters!


this is very cute. guessing the game will have music eventually? ^^;


Thanks a bunch! And yep, music and sound effects are pretty much next on my list of things I'd like to add.